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Rodger That podcast hosted by Rodger Lizaola . A comedy podcast that will be discussing all the same things that podcast discuss since the beginning of podcast but with me telling you about it :) Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Heavy dose of sports, politics, guests and stories about all things awesome. We will release a new episode every Wednesday so tune in. Stitcher and iTunes. www.rodgerlizaola.com

April 30, 2020

Rodger That Podcast Episode #68 UFO’s are real! Karen doesn’t like to be told what to do. King Trump Says drink bleach. NFL Draft. Sleepy Joe lives up to his name.

Hello there friends and people of the internet and thank you for tuning into another episode of the Rodger That Podcast. We have a lot on the plate of this podcast. A lot more than I thought we did but it cam out pretty dope. So the government says there is UFO's and it was hardly news. King Trump is denying he said to drink bleach. Sleepy Joe is living up to his name and doesn't want $2,800 from Louis CK. The White house slips up on a hot mic and tells us that they are all vaccinated YIKES! Stay at home you fucks! NFL Draft happen. I didn't watch but the Niners got some people or something. Brothers donate all the hand sanitizers they hoarded before the quarantine trying to come up. I go very hard on Karen and I think its some of my best work and Old Fight of the Week. All that and much more on this weeks episode. Thank you for tuning in and happy rest of the week. 

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