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Rodger That podcast hosted by Rodger Lizaola . A comedy podcast that will be discussing all the same things that podcast discuss since the beginning of podcast but with me telling you about it :) Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Heavy dose of sports, politics, guests and stories about all things awesome. We will release a new episode every Wednesday so tune in. Stitcher and iTunes. www.rodgerlizaola.com

May 28, 2020

Rodger That Podcast Episode #70 The real quarantine podcast episode. Central park Karen, Korean Baseball, Space launch delayed :( !

Hello there people of the internet and thank you for listening to another episode of the Rodger That Podcast. We had a lot to talk about this week from the lovely confines of my cozy hotel room. Yes you heard that correctly I am in the quarantine. I don't have the rona but I do have to go to Alaska in about 12 days and I had to stay in this hotel till we leave to make sure that I don't bring any coodies on the boat. It's cool they are paying me and feeding me so I'm chillin. We had an almost space launch which I genuinely disappointed about. They had to reschedule. Thanks Obama lol. We found us some Baseball. KBO Korean Baseball Organization. Its good baseball. Another unarmed black man is killed by the police. Riots are going as we speak. And King Trump goes to war......... with Twitter this time. He might be officially off his rocker. That and so much more on this weeks episode or the Rodger That Podcast.

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